Professional Blood, Trauma, Crime & Death Cleanup Services

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Professional Sanitization Service for Coronavirus COVID-19

As a professional biohazard cleaning service, Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration is trained and equipped to provide cleaning and disinfecting against the “coronavirus” COVID-19.

What cleaning services do we offer for dealing with COVID–19?
Our COVID-19 cleaning service provides sanitization and disinfection for any residential or commercial buildings including offices, warehouses, government facilities, places of worship, senior living buildings, schools, and private residences. Make sure you read the information below to learn more about how our cleaning services can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus to your employees/staff/residents and call our professionals if you want to have your building sanitized and disinfected.

What products and methods are being used for disinfecting?
TCR utilizes an EPA-registered, FOOD SAFE, hospital-grade disinfectant.  Although there are no products currently registered with the CDC or EPA with kill claims for COVID-19, this product has been successful in killing viruses in the human coronavirus family along with other tougher-to-kill bacterial strains such as C-Diff, MRSA, HIV, CA-MRSA, Tuberculosis, and many others. Disinfection protocol is customized to the individual location to meet the needs of the specific environment.  We disinfect horizontal surfaces, floors and frequently-touched areas because they are likely sources of transmission of the virus, according to the CDC. One of the biggest benefits is our clients DO NOT have to vacate their homes or businesses for the application of our product.

What does our sanitization/disinfection service cost?
Our cost are based on many factors such as type of facility, square footage involved, confirmed cases on site, etc. TCR writes a customized protocol for each client to meet your specific needs for the environment of your business or home.

Call 24/7 to reach our trained technicians about disinfecting your home or office from COVID-19.


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Unattended Death, Blood and Biohazard Cleaning

Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration LLC is a professional trauma scene cleaning and full restoration company. We specialize in cleaning up biohazards at trauma and crime scenes, such as blood, unattended deaths and tragedies like suicide. Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration technicians are trained and licensed to handle contaminants caused by homicide, suicide, meth labs and hoarding in a professional and discreet manner. Proper decontamination of affected surfaces and the disposal of bio-hazardous waste are crucial in preventing blood borne pathogens from spreading. Our professionals are experienced in providing property owners and managers with a complete bio-cleaning service. Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration is a fully licensed contractor, offering full property restoration in addition to cleanup and remediation.


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TCR provides discrete 24-hour discrete service based in the St. Louis metro area and has served the Midwest for over 15 years. We have restored property from St. Charles, St. Louis and Jefferson counties as well as across Missouri and Illinois.

Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration technicians are specially trained, compassionate, discrete, caring individuals capable of handling the most severe biohazard, infectious waste, trauma or filth situations. Professional TCR technicians with specialized training arrive with all the proper equipment needed to eliminate the remnants of the crime scene, tragedy or meth lab. Your TCR representative will provide professional recommendations to begin the cleanup process as well as offer our support system to families navigating a tragedy.  We begin assisting and consulting the family in the healing process as soon as a TCR representative is dispatched to the scene.

Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration provides our customers with the professional assistance you or your family may need. We also arrange any additional services for reconstruction or replacement that may be necessary.

Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration stands behind all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.