Unattended Death Cleanup

unattended death cleanupThe scene of a death requires prompt and certified cleaning to protect your family or customers from biological health issues as well as general discomfort. The professionals at TCR highly recommend that you hire a certified contractor that is has experience in dealing with this type of cleanup. Many companies claim to have knowledge but only make the scene worse if not remediated properly.  Traumatic Cleanup and Restoration is also here for you in the aftermath of a suicide.

While most people understand the risks of exposure to blood borne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis, there are additional risks associated with the cleanup of this type of scene. Exposure may result in flu-like illness or attacks on the respiratory system.

After a death, nature immediately begins the process of breaking down a body. This process begins right away and signs of biological decomposition can appear in as little as a few hours. As decomposition continues, biological fluids begin to seep from the body onto the surrounding flooring material, clothing items, furniture, mattresses and structure. These fluids are rich in nutrients that are desirable to bacteria, insects and mold. In addition to promoting the growth of bacteria, insects and mold, these fluids release chemicals called “putrescine” and “cadaverine,” that are associated with the “death” odor. The visual and olfactory components of this decomposition can overwhelm senses. In addition, an unattended death scene can be dangerous due to high levels blood borne pathogens, bacteria and mold spores.

Let the experienced professionals at Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration help you begin the healing process. We are certified, insured/bonded and hold several certifications to better serve our clients, guaranteeing a safe and odor free structure when we are finished.  TCR is also a fully licensed general contractor so not only can we professionally clean your property but, if you choose, we can return it to before loss conditions. In most cases, your insurance company will cover the cost of our services.

Contact Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration if you have any questions or are in immediate service and let us help you begin the healing process.