About Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration

Professional Meth Remediation & Biohazard Cleaning

Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration offers 24-hour rapid and discrete response with professionally trained technicians prepared to handle any cleanup or decontamination situation, no matter the size. TCR specializes in the cleanup of meth labs and biohazards such as unattended death and suicide scenes, hoarding, fingerprint dust, tear gas and odors. Being a licensed general contractor as well, we can also arrange any additional services or reconstruction needed to bring your property back to before-loss conditions. Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration works directly with your insurance company to arrange payment for our cleanup and restoration services.

HazmatCleanupTraumatic Cleanup Philosophy

TCR is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, compassion, and professionalism to all of our clients while following proper safety procedures and maintaining full compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines. With TCR, a company OWNER is on the scene and will provide our professional recommendations to clean up your property and offer our support system to help you on the road to recovery.  The professionals at TCR are caring and compassionate, understanding the pain and difficulty that results from many of the trauma situations for which we are called.  We consider it a privilege to help you through the healing process during such times.

Traumatic Cleanup History

Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration LLC, was established in early 1996 by two friends who had to deal with the untimely death of a dear friend. After the family was unable to find a cleanup company to help them, they turned to us.  As compassionate emergency professionals, we could not let the parents and family of our friend deal with the cleanup of their child. We stepped in and cleaned up the scene.  Shortly thereafter, Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration was born. Since then, TCR has grown to serve countless families and businesses in over 10 states in the midwest, providing crime scene cleanup, biohazardous fluid cleanup, blood cleanup, unattended death cleanup, certified meth lab cleaning as well as several other types of biohazardous services.

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