Accident / Injury Cleanup


Most accidents and injuries happen either in the workplace or at home. If an injury results on the loss of blood or body fluids, communicable diseases can be spread if not contained and properly cleaned. The professionals at Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration are highly trained and use the latest techniques, chemicals and equipment to insure the proper cleanup of your property.

Blood and bodily fluids have the ability to spread infectious diseases such as AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C just to name a few. Though our specialized cleanup procedures we remove any and all traces of contamination, decontaminate all surfaces involved, dispose of all waste properly, insuring a clean and safe workplace or structure.

Just because someone survived an injury or accident does not mean that the scene is any less difficult to clean. Industrial accidents can have a traumatic personal effect on employees. Besides the potential emotional damage one can feel cleaning up after a colleague, friend or family member, retrieval of body fluids by janitorial staffs (even those with blood borne pathogen training) can quickly mount into more than the untrained professional can safely handle. Let professionals at TCR deal with these types of cleanups.

Work Accidents

When an accident happens on the job it can result in significant damages, personal injury and/or accidental death. These events often trigger an OSHA investigation. TCR  will not only safely and efficiently clean up the site, but we also maintain strict adherence to all federal, state and local OSHA guidelines so that your firm will pass the agency’s inspection.

Personal Injuries

If a task goes terribly wrong and causes a traumatic injury, Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration is ready to handle the extensive cleanup and site restoration. Our years of experience with the cleanup of blood and biohazards guarantees professional site remediation. We can also work directly with your insurance provider to assist you in your claim.

If have questions about accident or injury clean-up, cleanup procedures or insurance coverage or if you have an immediate need for our accident clean-up services, call the professionals at Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration.