Testimonials – Meth Lab and Biohazard Remediation

Meth Lab Remediation and Restoration

I had no idea what a shake and bake meth was untill I had it in my home. I had been suffering from respiratory and eyes burning for some time and then the police showed up for my son. I called Traumatic Cleanup to schedule an appointment for an inspection of my home. Lets just say that I was very surprised when you found many of the chemicals, bottles, needles and even a recent batch my son was hiding in my house. You took the time to explain & educate me about the situation and what the next step was. Well here I am several days later and I am finally back in my home. Thank you for all of your hard work, professionalism and pacients with me. I will highly recommend these guys for any meth you have.

Susan Flemming February 29, 2016

I would highly recommend Traumatic Cleanup for any type remediation work. We have had a problem with a rental that was used as a Meth Lab. TCR was brought in to handle the remediation of the property. I must say they were incredible to deal with. They took the time to educate us on the dangers and how to "Properly" clean up the property. In my opinion they set the standard for professionalism and knowledge. In just a few short days they had the unit cleaned, tested and back up for rental.

Stacy Long Pinnacle Property Management February 18, 2016

I would like to both thank and recommend Rick and Todd for their incredible service. We had a rental property that was used as a Meth Lab and they not only took the time to educate us about the dangers of meth but guided us through the entire cleanup and remediation process. We had no idea what had to be done to leagly clean it up. I would highly recommend their company. They were professional and compassionate to us as well as the neighbors on the property.

Karen Abernathy Reinhold Property Management February 18, 2016

The level of professionalism and commitment we received from Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration was excellent. They were able to take a bad situation with an incident we had with a meth lab in one of our rentals and remediate the situation and make it habitable again.

Michael Ursch Midwest Redevelopment February 18, 2016

I found myself with a tenant that had a meth lab in one of our rentals. I asked around with other property managers and Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration came highly recommended. They met me at the property, gave us a step-by-step how to, properly clean it up. It only took them 3 days to remediate the entire house and I must say I was very impressed. They even had a city inspector drop by to make sure everything was on the up and up. When I asked him he said I have seen other companies but these guys go way beyond the recommendations as well as safety procedures, they are true professionals. After testing, the results showed not even a trace of meth. The house was never cleaner. If you need a property cleaned, the guys from Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration are top in the game!!!!

Jeff Holt Holt Properties February 18, 2016

Biohazard Cleaning and Restoration

Thank you for helping us through a very tuff time in our lives. You did an amazing job with our parents house and I must say the repair work you did left the house better than before. Again thank you, Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration, from all of our family.

Terry N. February 18, 2016

The TCR staff are incredible!! They helped us through a very tragic loss of our father. They were more than compassionate and professional in every aspect of their work. They even took the time to help us go through all his stuff before we trashed it. I would highly recommend Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration for anything you need them for.

Shelly Stevens February 18, 2016

Well I must say I did not think I would need the services of Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration again but we did. We had a tenant who passed away in their rental unit and was there for several days. The odor was unbelievable and the mess was worse. TCR was brought in and again I was amazed. They completely removed the odor, mess and rebuilt what they had to remove. The unit was actually in better shape when they were finished than when we rented it to the tenant. Again I would highly recommend Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration for any of their services. They are true professionals.

Stacy Long Pinnacle Property Management February 18, 2016

I would like to recommend Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration. They are incredible to work with and helped our family through a very difficult time, the suicide of our father. They took care of all the insurance company phone calls and when they were finished the the bedroom was like new. They even waited while my wife picked out a paint color, and you know how that can be! All in all Traumatic Cleanup is a professional company through and through.

Steve Bush February 18, 2016

I am so very thankful for this service. I recently had a relative pass away and they had a animal hoarding issue. The condo was full of trash, animal feces and flees. The odor was unbearable and I could not enter the condo even with a mask. I called TCR and they have been incredible. They not only helped me go through the belongings but gave me a suit and mask so I could work in the building. When all was finished the condo was clean and no odor whatsoever. I would highly recommend their service they were very professional and understanding in dealing with my needs.

Mary Clark February 18, 2016

I would like to take a moment to thank the guys at TCR who helped us with the cleanup [after the death] of a family member. They were prompt to arrive and worked through the night to get the room cleaned. They were very professional keeping us informed and handling the insurance claim for us. What a relief there are people like these guys when you need them.

Marty Dunburgh February 18, 2016

In our time of need...Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration were there. The unfortunate death of my Mother In Law, the fact that she had become a recluse and had passed without anyone knowing, all made for a very unpleasant situation. Without delay or hesitation, with a very professional and compassionate attitude these wonderful people took care of everything so the family could again re-enter the property. They worked with us every step of the way and no matter what your need is, our family would highly recommend their restoration services.

Mark Kaiser February 18, 2016

I could not be more impressed with the level of work ethic, compassion and professionalism that I experienced with Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration. They were very professional throughout the process and took care of all the insurance dealings, paperwork and rebuilding of our house. I would highly recommend Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration for their restorative services. Thank you.

Mike Turbrock February 18, 2016

A big THANK YOU for the work these guys did at my sister's house. We had a misfortunate loss of our sister and there was no way we could have dealt with the scene left behind after her death. These guys were here very quickly and took us step by step in the cleanup process and they even handled the insurance company. They were very professional and compassionate as well. I would highly recommend Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration for anything you may need. THANK YOU AGAIN.

Tony M. February 18, 2016

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