Can I clean meth residue myself?

Please don’t clean up after meth yourself!  Professional meth lab cleaning services are a must for the remediation of any clandestine or mobile drug lab.  Cleanup of meth contamination is an intricate and labor-intensive process involving many steps including, site assessment, sampling and meth testing, removal of contaminated contents, decontamination of structure, post-sampling, documentation, liaison with a Certified Industrial Hygienist, final reporting, and more.

Using a properly certified, fully insured methamphetamine lab cleanup firm is your only assurance that the job will be done correctly and safely in order to restore your property back to a healthy environment. Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration LLC, is dedicated to provide discrete, safe and cost effective meth lab cleanup services.  Traumatic Cleanup & Restoration is a certified “Green Company” and utilizes environmentally friendly chemicals and detergents throughout our process.

TCR is a leader in the meth remediation certification process. TCR technicians are professionally trained to ensure the proper and safe cleanup, decontamination and restoration of property so your family or tenants can reenter a safe, clean and worry free environment.